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Writings on film. Shock and art. There may be blood.

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Not to get all 1996 on you here, but I'm not using WordPress or any of those other CMSes that give you a sidebar with links to your friends' sites. I could build one, but I'm using the side for crass advertising purposes, so the links to sites that I feel you need to know about go here. Plus, there's the opportunity for a little quid pro quo on the ol' site promotion thing.

Some other film review sites I've enjoyed: Leans toward the "so bad it's good" aesthetic that we reject, but an entertaining site.

bloody disgusting Big site with news and forums. Fora?

DVD Drive-In News about upcoming home video releases Well-rounded site.

Final Girl Artist/writer who can make slashers sound cute.

Severed Cinema Good coverage of extreme horror.

Sources for hard-to-find films:

Blue Underground Great editions of genre films.

Cinema de Bizarre Can't recommend because they're bootleggers, but the only source for out-of-print films.

Something Weird Video Truth in advertising.

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