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Jacques Tourneur

Director Jacques Tourneur
Genre:B-movie, mainstream, film noir
Best known for:

Cat People

I Walked with a Zombie

Out of the Past

Night of the Demon

Related artists:

Val Lewton

Country:US, Britain

Jacques Tourneur was the director of the moody, Val Lewton-produced classics Cat People and I Walked with a Zombie. His minimalist approach was effective and matched well with Lewton's budget limitations. Tourneur emphasized modern settings and identifiable characters over period settings and exotic characters that distance the audience from the terror.

Lewton was reassigned to more mainstream productions, and newer directors such as Robert Wise and Curtis Siodmak took over RKO horror. Tourneur then made significant contributions to the film noir genre before going to Britain in the 1950s, where he made Night of the Demon, among others.

Tourneur has been named as an influence by many directors, including Pete Walker and Larry Fessenden.


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