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Writings on film. Shock and art. There may be blood.

Billy Wilder

Director Billy Wilder
Director, screenwriter
Genre:Mainstream Hollywood
Best known for:

Sunset Boulevard

Some Like it Hot

Stalag 17

The Lost Weekend

Double Indemnity


Academy Awards, multiple


Billy Wilder is one of the premier directors of Hollywood's Golden Age. Over a fifty-year career, he received eight Academy Award nominations as Best Director, and twelve for Best Screenplay. He won Best Director twice, and Best Screenplay three times. His career began in 1930s Germany, but he moved to the US when the Nazi party came to power.

Wilder directed some of the best-regarded and most successful films of his era, many in collaboration with writer Charles Brackett. He was equally successful at comedy and drama, and had no fears about tackling dark or controversial subject matter. This is perhaps no more evident than in Sunset Boulevard, in which he skewered the Hollywood where he worked. Double Indemnity was the forerunner to the film noir genre, and Wilder's comedies were among the most sophisticated of the 1950s.


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