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Zoë Tamerlis/Lund

Zoë Tamerlis as Thana in Ms. 45
Actress, screenwriter, model
Best known for:

Ms. 45

Bad Lieutenant

Related artists:

Abel Ferrara

Similar artists:

Gia Carangi

Cheryl Smith


Zoë Tamerlis-Lund is known best as the actress who played the protagonist of Ms. 45 and the drug dealer who supplied Harvey Keitel's character in Bad Lieutenant. She wrote the latter, and the staff here has big respect for multi-talent artists.

One would think that someone with her level of talent would have become better known, but Ms. Lund was a heroin advocate. We previously did not know that such a thing existed, and we think that's because a) these people don't live very long and b) they tend not to be reliable and so rarely do anything notable. Despite Abel Ferrara's respect for her abilities, he did not work with her for ten years following Ms. 45 because she ran off with the film's profits. Plus, she did not live very long. She did, however, leave behind a trail of destruction and good movies.


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