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Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell in Cat People
Best known for:

A Clockwork Orange


Voyage of the Damned


Hollywood Walk of Fame

Country:US, England

Malcom McDowell made his name through the lead role in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. He has since continued to appear in pretty much everything and has worked with such great directors as Kubrick, Lindsay Anderson, Blake Edwards and Robert Altman. He is not sorry to have been typecast as a villain, as he believes that these are the best roles.

McDowell was born in Yorkshire. Albert Finney's performance in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning inspired him to move to London to pursue an acting career. This led to his casting in Anderson's If..., which got Kubrick's attention. Good roles followed throughout the 1970s, and he relocated to Hollywood after his 1980 marriage to Mary Steenburgen. The combination of roles in Cat People, the ill-fated Caligula and a stint in rehab slowed his career during the 1980s, but he has always worked consistently, although sometimes in admittedly "crap" movies.

McDowell inspired Gary Oldman to become an actor. His visibility remains high thanks to such recent roles as Dr. Loomis in Rob Zombie's Halloween series and a stint on the television show Entourage. He frequently does voice acting in video games and in animated series such as Metalocalypse.


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