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Gloria Swanson

Actress Gloria Swanson
Actress, producer
Genre:Hollywood mainstream
Best known for:

Sunset Boulevard

Sadie Thompson

The Trespasser

Related artists:

Erich von Stroheim

Cecil B. DeMille

Similar artists:

Mary Pickford

Norma Shearer

Joan Crawford

Country:US (Chicago, Hollywood)

Gloria Swanson was among the biggest stars of the silent film era. She began her career as a teenager and was then cast by Cecil B. DeMille in a series of hit dramas. She entered a number of high-profile marriages and was romantically linked to Joe Kennedy, with whom she opened a production company.

Swanson's popularity declined at about the same time motion pictures moved to sound, though she continued to star in productions through the mid-1930s. She emerged from retirement to star in Sunset Boulevard, for which she received an Academy Award nomination.


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